Green Heights Agricultural Corporation (GHAC) has been the leading producer of Japanese rice in the Philippines for almost three decades. A family corporation, it has continuously invested in rice production at all stages of development, from seed propagation to final packaging. Its postharvest facilities follow precise guidelines to ensure the production of consistently excellent Japanese rice.

GHAC’s sister company, Yummy Kamaboko, has been producing delicious Japanese fried fish cakes (Satsuma age) for about the same length of time, serving Japanese groceries and restaurants.


Green Heights Agricultural Corporation constantly invests in the latest production and post-harvest technologies and processes to make sure that quality is maintained at every step of the way. From the application of organic fertilizers to the use of non-petroleum-based grain dryers to the photoelectric sorting of grain, we take great pains to make sure that the rice you buy is consistently at its best.

We also follow Integrated Pest Management principles such as the use of natural predators to control population of rice pests. This helps preserve the environment and the productivity of the soil, enabling sustainable farming.

Combine harvester - threshes rice and leaves rice straw in the field, to minimize extracted organic matter

Modern rice milling equipment

Rice dryer furnace powered by rice hulls has replaced kerosene-powered dryers

Rice dryers powered by rice hull furnace