Our flagship product has been the premiere Japanese rice product in the Philippines for almost three decades. Most Japanese consider Koshihikari to be the finest Japanese rice variety today, and about 70 percent of rice produced in Japan is Koshihikari. It has a perfectly balanced taste and texture: chewy and sticky while retaining just the right resistance to the teeth and individual grain texture in the mouth.

Mt. Fuji Koshihikari is excellent for all Japanese rice dishes, from sushi to kamameshi and chahan, as well as continental dishes such as paella and risotto. Even served plain or sprinkled with Japanese furikake powder, the rice is a pleasure to eat.

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A Japanese variety from Miyagi prefecture in northeastern Japan, Sasanishiki is excellent quality Japanese rice for more budget-conscious rice enthusiasts. It tends to be a bit softer and fluffier than Koshihikari, leading some chefs to prefer it for sushi.

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